Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug! – By: Dr Cathy Rosenbaum – Book Review

Finding the right balance in life for health of body and mind has become more difficult in today’s increasingly complex world. The world generally focuses on maintaining a youthful appearance, but this may not be the best way to achieve wellness. Indeed, this is especially true for Baby Boomers, who are now facing various medical issues as they mature. Because of busy lives and hectic work schedules, it is often easiest to take multiple prescription medicines as well as the ever popular dietary supplements, thus covering up the symptoms but often not dealing with the actual cause. A semblance of bodily health might be achieved, but important aspects of a person’s life are ignored in the process.

Finding a better way is possible, and Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum provides the path towards wellness in her book, Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug! First, with the guidance of a medical professional, Baby Boomers, as well as the rest of the population, can better manage their prescription medications. Carefully reviewing these medicines along with any dietary supplements can help eliminate the dangers of drug interactions and minimize any adverse side effects. Similarly, incorporating complementary practices, such as massage and aromatherapy, and making lifestyle changes can further be of benefit. No wellness program would be complete, though, without attention to relaxation and spiritual development. By taking this holistic approach, even those with chronic illnesses can begin to feel better and more at ease with their aging process.

Among the many health-related books available on the market, Dr. Rosenbaum’s book offers Baby Boomers with a balanced way to achieve health, both of body and mind. As a pharmacist and medical professional, Rosenbaum has a unique insight into the pharmaceutical industry and gives readers an overview of the fundamentals of drug approval, polypharmacy, drug interactions, and more. Additionally, she outlines some alternative approaches to medication that readers can explore with their doctors. Indeed, all of the information provided would be difficult to obtain elsewhere. Rosenbaum’s explanations of complex issues such as drug interactions are extremely accessible to average readers and give them the needed background to better improve their health. Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug! also includes many practical strategies for improving wellness, including an emphasis on spiritual development, something that is sorely lacking in many similar books.

Dr. Rosenbaum’s passion for helping others is clear in her book. What started with a family member’s health crisis has become for her a way to walk alongside others as they make gradual changes to improve their lives. Certainly Rosenbaum’s book is written for Baby Boomers and so would directly appeal to their needs and values, but the book would easily have value for anyone attempting to maneuver through a maze of prescriptions, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. Brief and yet filled with important insights, Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum’s Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug! is a necessary addition to the library of any reader, whether young or old.