Endothil CR – What’s in it and is There Any Science Behind It?

Endothil is a popular sports supplement that promises “anabolic steroid” type results. It is a sublingual tablet that contains ingredients that are relatively unusual in the bodybuilding sports supplement world. Endothil contains primarily Green Tomato Extract which has almost no information other than their own in house studies. The packaging on Endothil is amazing, looking like a pharmaceutical compound but I only wish they would have spent as much on the ingredients as they did on the packaging. Endothil contains an undisclosed extract of Green Tomato Seed, which has no scientific references in pubmed, the authority on such things that I could find.

It may contain Lycopene, which is pretty good for you but has no information on it building muscle. It also contains very trace amounts of certain ingredients that might have a positive effect and the sublingual nature of the pill makes this interesting. It also contains Grape Seed SE, Green Tea SE, Quercetin, Rutin which are ingredients that may have some benefits. Grape Seed and Quercetin both can reduce estrogen, so that is a good thing, but they are in very minute quantities and I am not sure enough of these plant extracts would make it through the mucosa to be effective but at least it is possible. Green tea extract is a well studied ingredient, but there is really no reason to have such a little amount in a sports supplement. Green tea doesn’t build muscle at all so, it isn’t really valid in this formula.

According to the sales information on Endotheil, it supposedly was studied and users saw a 100%-249% increase in strength and a small amount of size increase in the bicep. Bench press went up an additional 10lbs on the Endothil group where the placebo group went up only 5lbs. I don’t know about you, but 5lbs on the bench press is hardly even measurable, and nothing to crow about but written up in a study, it looks good. The strength changes are decent, but could be very easily due to some other factor. Additionally, the study says “There were no significant changes between the two groups in quadriceps circumference, % body fat, % lean body mass, weight, or body mass index.” which means that no size or significant body re composition was achieved. This makes Endothil a very expensive product for not having much in the way of benefit. Average people who want to get the effects of anabolic steroids should look to a more potent supplement to achieve these effects.

If you want a natural yet potent alternative to anabolic steroids, you will need to find something with these following criteria. Your supplement should contain a prohormone like 3beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One, which can convert to “andro” and ultimately to testosterone. This will give your body much more raw material to work with to create testosterone and make achieving the mass and strength gains you want, possible. Of course drug tested athletes shouldn’t take a prohormone product, but average guys like you and me don’t care about that, we want to get big! Used properly, andro can be very effective and free from side effects.

Along with this andro prohormone, you will want to reduce and control estrogen, this way more of the active prohormone gets converted to testosterone and not bloating estrogen. Additionally, you need to block estrogen at the receptor to prevent any additional estrogenic like effects from ruining you cycle.

You will also need to block key enzymes that remove testosterone from your body like sulfation and glucoronization, which remove testosterone and its prohormones from the body. These enzymes when blocked make more of the prohormone active in the bloodstream and therefore make more available for testosterone. Also, you need to block SHBG which can bind testosterone.

Finally you will want to control the hairloss effects of boosting testosterone, so make sure you take something like Stinging Nettle Extract because you want all of your hair when your cycle is complete!

The only supplement that has all of these criteria is Methyl 1-D from LG Sciences. It is a prohormone that contains key ingredients that are shown in preliminary literature to boost testosterone, reduce estrogen and block key enzymes. Methyl 1-D is very well studied and very effective when used by people over 21 who want the effects of anabolic steroids without breaking the law. This key supplement is available at many retail outlets yet is still more potent than many illegal grey market peptides and steroids.

Methyl 1-D can be found at