Fitness Exercise Balls – The Most Versatile Piece of Gym Equipment

There are many pieces of equipment that one can utilize today to get fit and healthy. However one piece that is proving the most versatile of them all are fitness exercise balls. This piece of equipment allows you to carry out a variety of different exercises whilst ensuring that all your major muscle groups are being used.

Not only does this provide you with a low impact way to work out your body’s core muscles so toning them. It ensures that your body’s overall fitness levels improve. So what sorts of exercises can be carried out using a fitness exercise ball? Below we take a look at some worth considering doing.

1. The Knee Bridge – This particular exercise has been designed to tone up the buttock muscles along with stretching out those all important hamstrings. To do this exercise lay with your back flat on the floor ensuring that your knees are bent over the ball making sure that they are parallel to the ground. As soon as you have yourself placed in the correct position you need to push your buttocks and hips upwards and then hold this position. How effective this exercise is will depend on how much you accentuate the position and how long you hold the position for.

2. Elevated Push Up – With this exercise you use the fitness exercise balls to act as a rest for your legs so that they are above the height of your shoulders. You use the traditional push up position but by elevating your legs up using the exercise ball will create more resistance for them so making each push up harder to complete. However, only use this position where you have sufficient amounts of upper body strength to complete one normal push up easily.