Grief and Self Care

Many of us are dealing with health issues and/or aging issues nowadays – our own, our family members’ and our friends. It’s tough to take care of ourselves when we have to take care of others, when we feel scared and anxious. The first things to go are our routines.

I’ve prepared a list of basics I hope will be helpful:

A good place to start is at the most basic level of food, water and sleep. Keep things very simple and nourishing with food. If you’re not able to sleep consider natural remedies or even medication.

Get outside in nature even if its only for 5 minutes to refresh yourself and change your energy. Move your body while you’re out there. The more you do this, the more your body-mind-spirit will crave it.

Get the support of others – friends and family members if they aren’t too caught up in their own feelings. Call a crisis line if necessary; that’s what they’re in the phone book for!

Spend a few minutes every day alone quietly. This will help you release your burdens and the burdens of others you may be carrying. In the stillness you will receive guidance.

And finally, BREATHE!…the first line of defence. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it as long as it is comfortable, then push as much air as possible out through your mouth. Repeat this up to 5 breaths. Put post-its up or set timers for 15 minutes as a reminder.

If you are in crisis or going through a lot right now, just begin to use these basics. They certainly won’t hurt you, and will likely help.