The Synergy Effect of Diet and Exercise

Many fitness experts and the media suggest that in order to lose weight, we have to eat less and move more. While they are right in saying that, you don’t hear a lot people ask how these two factors, diet and exercise, really work together. This article, discusses how their additive effect can give you more results in less time. In fact, when people do one without the other, they usually won’t like the way they look at the end even if they reached their weight goal. Also, getting results will be a slow process.

So, what is synergy? Synergy happens when the result of two things coming together is greater than their additive effect. For instance, you have an exercise program that will make you lose 1 lb a week. Then, with a great nutrition program, you can lose 2 lbs a week. With synergy, 1+2 does not equal 3; it equals 7! This is how the combination of exercise and nutrition can be a powerful tool in fat loss.

I am baffled when people try to lose weight with just exercise or just eating less. Why not multiply your results by doing both? As our metabolism slows down with age, exercise is the only way we can even out the playing field or even increase the odds that we will lose stubborn body fat as it increases our metabolism. In addition, eating nutrition foods is one way to take advantage of having food work towards achieving your goals instead of against them.

But, take note that you would have to have a good workout program, designed by a fitness professional that is designed for your goal in order for you to achieve this synergistic effect. The same thing goes for your nutrition. Most people who start their weight loss journey may lose a fair amount of weight in the beginnning. But, after a few weeks, their body will tend to adapt to their diet and exercise plans that they may need a more advanced level of programming in the two areas. Most of the time, this will involve changing their current programs to continually see results. In fact, this is how fat loss plateaus happen – people doing the same thing for a number of years and yet they expect to get results.

So, what can you do to continally harness the power of synergy? Here are some tips:

Re-calculate Your Calorie Deficit

If you knew how many calories you were eating before you reached a fat loss plateau, you will know how many less calories you should eat after you’ve lost some weight. There are many calorie deficit calculators online nowadays and it simply involves entering your weight, height, and age to arrive at your calorie deficit number.

Try a Done-for-you Workout Program

You can accomplish this by hiring a personal trainer, going to a fitness bootcamp, or finding a general workout program online that is designed for fat loss. Most of these programs are superior to something that you make up on your own because fitness professionals have the knowledge to design goal-specific programs.

Experiment with Your Food

People may have very different responses to certain diets. For instance, I might lose a lot of fat while on a high fat diet and yet when my sister tries it, she might not do as well. Losing weight requires a fair amount of trial and error which is the reason why it can be frustrating for many people. But, once you try something that works for you, you will be set for life.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight without exercising or without changing your diet, this may be the answer to why your weight loss has stalled. If you follow these 3 strategies, it will sure help you get closer to your weight loss goals. You might be thinking that you can’t afford to hire a personal trainer or other fitness professional but because losing weight gives you a great health benefit, not to mention a sexier body, you can’t afford not to. This process can be as simple as asking yourself, “how important is my health and losing weight for me?”