Trends in Sedu Hairstyles

Sedu simply means straight and sedu hairstyle refers to hair styled in a very straight and silky looking fashion. This straight and silky looking style is obtained with the use of flat iron called the sedu iron.

Sedu iron is a device with a completely new technology. The iron has ceramic plates which uses negatively charged ions to straighten the hair. The negatively charged ions reduce the kinetic and electrical charges that are most commonly found in the hairs of several people. The ceramic used for the plates of the flattener is actually a mineral composite called tourmaline which has some special properties. The mineral occurs in a crystal form and is naturally piezoelectric. Some electrical charge can be induced in it using some pressure and this slight charge is the remarkable aspect of the sedu iron. The term sedu itself comes from the use of this iron. The patented technology of this iron is a blend of science and innovation. It is effectively used to create longer lasting and better looking hairstyles to suit all occasions.

It’s human to get attracted towards the lifestyle and fashion trends of the celebrities. People watch celebrities on television, read about them and their fashion trends in the magazines and newspaper and often become curious to know the secret behind their beauty. One thing about the celebrities that anyone can achieve is their hair style. Sedu celebrity hairstyles are really easy to achieve.

The most popular celebrities who brought these hairstyles into the fashion world are Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Thereafter several women were infatuated towards Jennifer sedu hairstyles. Aniston pioneered these hairstyles and Lopez is known for her wide collection of beautiful hairstyles. Aniston sedu hairstyles became the most popular fashion trend ever since Aniston rose to stardom in one of her hit shows Friends. People were so much inspired by the celebrity that at a later stage sedu flat iron was globally known as Jennifer Aniston Hair Straightener.

Today in the fashion world sedu prom hairstyles are also rising with several variations, the best hairstyle for prom nights. Some of the most popular variations of prom hairstyles are natural, chic, vintage and formal. Natural sedu hairstyle is simply a straight hairstyle with some curls and twists at the bottom or the hairs are twisted into a loose bun. Formal sedu hairstyles are the best for weddings, formal dinners and most viable for the most awaited prom day. These hairstyles include low ponytails or tight buns. Having a vintage sedu hairstyle for the prom night is something very soothing and remembering the old times. Chic sedu hairstyles can be bit complicated with impressive hair accessories.

Although long and medium hairstyles are more common and popular, sedu short hairstyles also look professional, trendy and graceful. Great styling options are available for short hairs from funky and trendy to soft and feminine.

There are various sedu hairstyles how to care tips that should be considered for a longer lasting and beautiful looking sedu styles. Good shampoo and conditioner should be used along with good styling combs.