Turkey Adventure Holidays

If you’re looking for a new family adventure holiday why not try a Turkey holiday. Nope I’m not talking about your usual beach and swim family trip I’m talking about a full on adventure. Turkey has so much more than beaches and cheap hotels; from dramatic moon like landscapes in Cappadocia to the bright lights of ancient cities, like Istanbul, with a history tell, Turkey has something for everything.

A true adventure holiday is a sailing Turkey holiday. The Adventure Company recently launched two brand new family sailing trips to Croatia and Turkey. Not only can the whole family learn to sail under the watchful eye of an experienced Skipper, you’ll see Turkey from its stunning coastline. On a 45ft yacht families can sail from Bodrum to Ova Buku, where you can spot dolphins and try the only restaurant in Buku, Ogun’s Place, before setting sail for Bozukkale. This harbour dates back to 400BC and is a fantastic stop point for hiking for views back out to sea. The remains of the ancient city of Loryma is just an hours walk or those wishing to relax can snorkel in still, clear waters. After spending the night on board the next few days are spent sailing from port to port, including Datca and Knidos. Days are spent lounging on board listening to the sound of the waves, swimming and snorkelling in turquoise waters or on land searching for buried treasure and meeting the friendly locals. From tiny settlements with flower lined streets to the homes of famous Turkish poets, a Turkey sailing adventureis not just for the sailor. Get as involved as much as you like or as little with the actual sailing and watch as your children learn to love the ocean.

If the sea isn’t quite the thing for your family then your Turkey holiday could be spent on land horse riding through the Cappadocia, past the unique geological formations and famous fairy chimneys of this moon-like landscape. Or head down under to Derinkuyu, the underground cities of up to 30,000 people some 4,000 years ago. Just imagine a giant Swiss cheese house. Camping out in the glorious summer weather is another adventure holidaymust do even for mum’s who hate the outdoors. With warm, sunny weather being outside in the breeze is a wonderful way to enjoy every moment.

And if horse riding, hiking, sailing and diving isn’t enough head to Kas for sea kayaking, 4WD adventures into the hills and leisurely lunches in lazy villages.